Here is a complete list of all the Wonders of The World

Original WondersEdit

Lighthouse Of Alexandria One of the first major lighthouses constructed in the world it was also known as the largest building in the world for several hundred years. This wonder is for countries that exceed in the art of Naval Transportation and Naval Warfare.
Requirements: 6 provinces must have harbors on them to construct the Lighthouse.
Reward: 5 Technology Points + One free level in Naval Transportation

Library Of AlexandriaOne of the greatest collections of history in the world, it contains history from all civilizations known by the creators, it is protected by a large Wall that will protect it from any invaders.
Requirements: Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics
Reward: Next level in Research

Great Pyramid of Giza(African Countries only) When it was constructed it was a masterpiece it stood at 500 feet tall and showed strength of a civilization under the use of slaves.
Requirements: 5 roads and the acceptance of slavery
Reward: 5 Technology Points

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon Said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, where vines and tree’s spread for miles. A true beauty where wildlife and nature intertwine. It shows the true beauty of a country and shows that it is willing to defend its country.
Requirements: 10 Lvl III Forts, Chemistry Researched and must be touching the sea.
Reward: 5 Technology Points and Lvl 4-5 Fortress researched

Temple Of Artemis One of the most marvelous buildings in the world at the time, it shows the beauty of technology and of research. This is for the nation that does not care about killings others with swords but the civilization that wishes to pave a new way for humanity through Technology.
Requirements: 3 Harbors Built, Advanced Trade Routes, Chemistry
Reward: Global Trade Routes
The Statue Of Zeus (Can be any god your people worship)
Standing tall and mighty it stands and shows the true strength of your nation, it shows that you will not back down and that your civilization is the true civilization to conquer all of the others.
Requirements: Heavy Cavalry, 25 provinces, atleast 25 “Mechs”

Reward: 10 Technology Points + The next level of expansion


Colossus Of Rhodes

For the true sea worthy civilization, it shows it mighty naval capacity not only in trade but in combat. It is a landmark to show that you are in the hands of the gods and that you will be protected. Requirements: Atleast 10 Naval Ships and Advanced Naval Transportation
Reward: The next level in Colonization and Expansion and +7 Technology Points


A large collection of thousand pound rock surrounding a large area of ground, this wonder shows the work of a civilization and what teamwork can create. It is a motivation for the civilization and shows what they can achieve if they work together.

Requirements: 5 Barracks and a recruitment center on every province.

Reward: 5 Technology Points


A large temple carved into the edge of a mountain, it will take months upon months to contruct but upon completion will be one of the most unbelievable wonders in the world.

Requirements: All provinces that border another country have atleast a level 4 fortress on them.

Reward: 25 Technology Points + One Free Military Technology

____________ Fortress

The largest fortress in the world, it is said to be the most protected area in the entire world,

Requirements: 1 Lvl 5 Fortress on the Province it is built upon, harbor in the province, lvl 3 factory on the province, roads on the province and a barracks on the province.

+25 technology points

For the People Type Wonder

Can be named whatever you want it to be,

It is a statue that unites your population to fight for your civilization and to protect it under any costs,

Requirements: 5 Factories, 20 Mechs

Rewards: One free level in military Technology

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